Learn how AKINU was created.

A - Adela, K - Karel, I - Ivana, N - Norbert, U - Ursula

“When there is someone on the other end of the phone, who we feel does not know how to write Akinu, this is how we spell the name of our company to them.”

How it all actually started ...

Since we are a company supplying pet food and supplies for dogs, cats and other pets it will come as no surprise that at the very beginning our name originated from a simple story about a puppy.

It was back in 1992 and a young Czech family, with two children, decided to expand their loving family to include another smaller member. It took four months and all the savings a young family could spare but after long and careful thought on which breed would be best the noble, devoted, and fairly stubborn, Akita Inu finally won.

Fourteen days later, as we brought our baby son from the maternity hospital in February, a cute, white, furry ball was added to the household. This breed was quite rare in the Czech Republic at the time and as Agi continued to grow we drew our attention to the problem of feeding him.

Back in 1992, there was no developed market for pet food and supplies like there is today. Dogs were fed cooked meat with various supplements bought at slaughterhouses and at the time we also bought what was on offer from these places. Customers were forming huge lines to buy pork and beef and on one such call we found that we were spending more on meat than on the trip itself. Sometimes we had some meat left and, as it was necessary to use it immediately, we started to sell the surpluses to our acquaintances with dogs and breeding stations/kennels. The selection was not large/wide but it was always fresh and as the demand rose everything needed to be faster - agreements, prices, imports etc.

These were the beginnings of our business. Over time we decided to stop the occasional sale of meat and in 1993 the idea of an official business led to obtaining a trade license. And the name for the company? The company was founded on our great love for animals, the desire to understand their needs and the wish to spread this approach to living with creatures to a wide range of people. The name of our company reflects the story of our dog, who has been with us for twelve beautiful year, and has not only taught us that quality care is reflected with increased health and vitality but has also enriched our lives with wonderful moments that will remain with of us forever.

“Anyone who has bred or kept an animal knows that life without them would be a boring and unfulfilled life.”